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Siti Viaggi   The origins of the Italian Opera Pellegrinaggi date back to 1928, first with the organization dedicated to Cardinal Andrea Carlo Ferrari, beatified by Pope St. John Paul II in 1987, then with the Friars Minor of San Pasquale in Chiaia and later, for many decades , with the suppressed Opera Napoletana Pellegrinaggi, founded in 1973 by Cardinal Corrado Ursi, Archbishop of Naples, who welcomed within it the Diocesan Pellegrinaggi Office, institutionally present in the various Italian Dioceses.It is very evident that Cardinal Ursi's prophetic intuition was contrary to any territorial limitation since, with the foundation in 1973 of the Opera Neapolitan Pellegrinaggi, he intended to overcome diocesan boundaries by placing the experience already gained, through the diocesan pilgrimage office and its technical body, at the service of all the local Churches of Southern Italy who intend to make use of its collaboration.Therefore, following this last approach and considering the changed times, with the constitution certainly not for the will of the SITI of the Italian Opera Pellegrinaggi was intended to give life to a broad purpose and more forward-looking Opera able to lengthen the look and dilate the heart putting its experience at the disposal of all the ecclesial realities of the national territory, outside and above compromises and conflicts of local interests, as desired by Pope Francis.The seriousness and experience of which the SITI is the Technical Organ today of the IPO, which date back to 1928 with the Opera of Cardinal Ferrari, then with the Franciscan Minor Fathers of San Pasquale in Chiaia and finally in the last forty years with the Opera Napoletana Pellegrinaggi, today they have moved into the new Italian Opera Pellegrinaggi, legally constituted.However, apart from the various realities involved in the pastoral care of the successive pilgrimages, the fundamental element is represented by respecting, conserving and transmitting to believers that the pilgrimage is not a tourist trip; in fact, as mentioned on several occasions by the Popes Benedict XVI and Francis, it has among its aims that of contributing to helping peoples to meet, to dialogue, to promote mutual understanding and peace. Today, more than ever, it is to be believed even more firmly that, in this post-modern and decidedly secularized era, the pilgrimage is an instrument of great importance for carrying out the new evangelization as an action able to re-establish or strengthen the faith by subtracting it from the drifts subjectivist. Such a primacy helps to avoid the risk of rituality or that of simple devotionism. In short, this is the primary objective of the Italian Opera Pellegrinaggi that more and more intends to place itself at the service of all the pilgrims who want to rely on their spiritual and technical care to embark on an authentic journey of faith.  


Siti Viaggi

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